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Go Pest Control this sand coloured roach will generally be found at higher levels and, as with other cockroaches, is generally nocturnal in habit.

Pest Control Delhi you will require to be rather investigative to find the hiding places of the German Cockroach. This species tends to live at higher levels than the Oriental Cockroach and treatment can be more difficult. Termite Killer

Essentially you need to carry out the same treatment as is outlined above but with more concentration on the higher levels.

Pest Control in Noida You will need to apply insecticide to the backs of work surfaces, taking care to wipe off the front parts of treated work surfaces with damp paper kitchen towel, which can then be disposed in your rubbish bin. Pest Control South delhi

Cockroach killer powder may need to be applied inside electrical equipment such as coffee maker because the German Cockroaches like to live inside equipment, which does tend to make treatment much more difficult. Pest Control East Delhi

Lo-Line Cockroach Traps or Crawling Insect Monitors should be placed on work surfaces, in cupboards, on top of cupboards and a few at floor level in order to trap the German Cockroach. Silverfish and firebrats belong to an order called Thysanura. Pest Control West Delhi Insects in this order are considered to be some of the most primitive insects alive today. Insects in the order Thysanura have characteristic, three long tail-like appendages attached to the tapered posterior end, each about as long as the body. Termite Control East Delhi These insects are wingless, with chewing mouth parts, long antennae, and their body is covered with scales. The mouthparts of silverfish and firebrats are used for biting off small particles or for scraping at surfaces. Cockroaches Control Delhi The most common species inhabiting buildings are in the genus Lepisma (silverfish) and the genus Thermobia (firebrat). The silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) is about 1/2 inch long when fully grown, and covered with silvery scales. It is grayish to greenish in color and its body has a flattened-carrot shape. The firebrat

(Thermobia domestica) has a mottled appearance with patches of white and black, and is shaped similarly to silverfish. Pest control in indirapuram Ghaziabad

Silverfish and firebrats eat material high in protein, sugar, or starch, including cereals, moist wheat flour, starch in book bindings, sizing in paper, and paper on which there is glue or paste. Best Pest Control in Delhi Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Greater Noida These insects often attack wallpaper, eating irregular holes through the paper to get to the paste. Silverfish may bite very small holes in various fabrics, including cotton, linen, and silk, even though they cannot digest either linen or cotton. Firebrats will feed extensively on rayon, whereas silverfish usually damage it only slightly. Pest Control in noida

If the bed has a divan base, ensure you turn this upside down and carefully check the base, and, if it has drawers, remove the drawers and check those. Also look inside the divan base for any evidence of bed bug activity.

Bed Bug Control Services in Delhi Remove drawers from bedside cabinets and check top and bottom of drawers and also up-end the cabinet in case they are hiding underneath or on the back of the cabinet.

Check behind any wall fixings (lights) or pictures hanging near the bed.

Check behind curtains of any windows near the bed

Hopefully, after the above works, you will know more about your problem and the extent of treatment required.

Pest control in Gurgaon To protect treated mattresses you can buy special mattress covers that prevent re-infestation of the mattress. These are very effective, click on the mattress image on the right to go to our mattress cover section.



Address: STREET NO 2
  • Country: India
  • Province / State: Delhi
  • City / Town: Delhi
  • Neighborhood: a g c r enclave anand vihar delhi
  • Postal code / ZIP: 110092
  • Property ID 3321
  • Price Rupees599
  • Property Type Commercial, Industrial, Residential
  • Property status Rent
  • Bedrooms -1
  • Bathrooms -1
  • Size -1 SqFt
  • Land area -1 SqFt
  • Label Commercial office space
  • Property On Floor -1
  • Total Floor -1
  • Approved by select
  • Ownership & Approvals Ownership Status select
  • Per Monthly
  • Additional Rooms select


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